[CFP] Conference 2023 – Social Reproduction Working Group

The IIPPE Social Reproduction Working Group invites proposals for individual papers or panels in a joint stream on the theme of The Chronicles of Multiple Crises Foretold. We welcome papers and panels that focus on the following themes:

  • Theoretical and empirical analyses of the social reproduction crisis, with reference to contexts in the Global South and North and including critical engagements with the concept of ‘social reproduction crisis’
  • Crises of social reproduction in specific sectors: for example, in education, health care, social care, basic infrastructure, unpaid/underpaid domestic labour, access to water and food
  • Relations between social reproduction crisis and other ongoing crises, such as ecological crisis, cost of living crisis, Covid-19 crisis 
  • Relations between social reproduction crisis and past crises, such as the 1970s crisis and structural adjustment programmes, the East Asian financial crisis, the Global Financial Crisis and austerity 
  • Theorisations and empirical analyses of crises in capitalism through a social reproduction lens, with reference to contexts in the Global South and North 
  • Social reproduction-centred analyses of crises in the world of work, especially with reference to different forms of work (unpaid and underpaid; informal and precarious; wage work and self-employment)
  • Social reproduction and intersecting/co-constituted inequalities 
  • Activist groups and social movements campaigning to address the crises of social reproduction 
  • Policies and approaches to address the crises of social reproduction, for example including the provision of universal basic services, democratisation of work, socialisation of care, universal basic income and social grants 

Please submit your proposal by March 15, 2023.

To submit a proposal, please use the “Submit proposal” button at https://iippe.org/, and carefully follow the instructions. You will need to select ‘Social Reproduction’ from the list to submit a proposal to our sessions. As usual, submissions may be made as (a) proposals for individual papers (which IIPPE will group into panels), (b) proposals for panels, (c) proposals for streams of panels, or (d) proposals on activism. The electronic submission platform will open February 15, 2023.

Hannah Bargawi and Sara Stevano 

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