[CFP] Conference 2021 – Social Reproduction Working Group

The 11th Annual IIPPE Conference

Call for Papers
Social Reproduction Working Group

Online, 12-19 September 2021

Social Reproduction and the Covid-19 Pandemic: Beyond Capitalism?

The Social Reproduction Working Group invites proposals for individual papers or panels in a joint stream on the theme of Social Reproduction, Capitalism and the Covid-19 Pandemic. In this light, we welcome papers and panels that focus on the following themes:

  • Theoretical and methodological questions related to social reproduction and capitalism
  • Crises of social reproduction and Covid-19
  • Social policy and welfare provision in the context of Covid-19
  • Social reproduction, migration and labour mobility under capitalism
  • Work and social reproduction on sectoral, national and regional scales
  • Social reproduction and agrarian transformations
  • Modes of production and social reproduction beyond capitalism
  • The state and social reproduction for the future
  • Activism and progressive social movements, including feminist, women’s, and labour movements; alternative economic and social programmes
  • The future of work, social reproduction and production

All proposals are to be submitted via the electronic form on the IIPPE website from 15 April 2021 AND by email to the SR Working Group coordinators Hannah Bargawi and Sara Stevano on hb19@soas.ac.uk and ss129@soas.ac.uk

IMPORTANT: Please select SOCIAL REPRODUCTION when you complete the electronic form.

The deadline for abstracts and proposals is 15 May 2021. Hannah Bargawi and Sara Stevano

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