[CFP] Conference 2020 – China Working Group

Call for Paper 11th Annual IIPPE Conference
Political Economy of China’s Development Working Group

The positive and negative aspects of the “China model” and China’s role in world development

Ferrara, Italy 9-11 September 2020

China’s continuous economic growth and general improvement in living standards form a sharp contrast to the falling living standards and sluggish growth around the world, which has been argued by some as the reasons for the rise of populism and the ultra-right in some parts of the world. China’s agreement to fully open its financial market to US financial institutions in Phase 1 trade deal with the US, however, may force a sharp change of trajectory and jeopardise planning objectives including elimination of absolute poverty and industrial upgrade. China’s increasing trade and investments in the world, particularly in the developing countries, are offering opportunities as well as challenges to world development. While China’s political economy departs from the trend of austerity and neoliberal practice, the pressure to conform and submit to US-led world capitalism can be surmounting. 

The Political Economy of China’s Development Working Group invites you to submit proposals for individual papers or themed panels related to our lines of inquiry of China’s transformation and its impact on world development in relation to neoliberalism, capitalism and imperialism. We welcome contributions on the following themes:

  • China’s 40 years of market reforms 
  • China’s response to Global Financial Crisis
  • Assessment of China’s Five-Year Plans
  • China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its implications 
  • China’s industrial policy and its future
  • The rise of China and its impact to contemporary imperialism
  • The impact and possible outcomes of the US-China trade deals 
  • Controversies over state responses to separatist nationalism and religious tendencies in the Western region
  • Marxism in China and its response to neoliberalism and/or populism, including the arguments of self-determination based on race

We welcome panel proposals and single paper proposals. If you are proposing a panel, all papers need to be submitted individually via the electronic form and send an email to the working group coordinators with the titles of all papers. If you have any questions, please contact the China working group coordinators, Sam-Kee Cheng (214533@soas.ac.uk) and Niels Hahn (nsc.hahn@gmail.com).  

IMPORTANT: Please state clearly that you submitting to this call by selecting Political Economy of China’s Development in your submission. 

The deadline for abstracts and proposals is 15 March 2020. All other deadline dates are stated in the Electronic Proposal Form instructions. For further information, please visit the IIPPE website: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfvbQBjXUW9Yu-U9uiPR9VDSim2ugP-eYugLori7nCOSXbZoQ/viewform 

Sam-Kee Cheng
Niels Hahn

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