[CFP] Conference 2019 – Work, Production and Social Reproduction in Contemporary Africa

This year’s IIPPE Annual Political Economy Conference will be a joint conference with the French Association for Political Economy/ L’Association Française d’Économie Politique (AFEP), with the participation of the Association for the Development of Keynesian Studies (ADEK), the Association for Heterodox Economics (AHE) and the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE).

The Africa and Social Reproduction Working Groups therefore invite proposals for individual papers or panels in a joint stream. Interdisciplinary research on social reproduction in Africa has yielded insights into work, production and reproduction that move beyond the growth and productivity data to examine qualitative and local patterns of economic and social change with a gender perspective. They show the inadequacy of linear models of capitalist development and the importance of empirically rich analysis in the historical and theoretical context. In this light, we welcome papers and panels that focus on the following themes:

  • Theoretical and methodological questions related to social reproduction in Africa
  • Financialised neoliberalism and social reproduction
  • Social policy and welfare provision
  • Social reproduction, migration and labour mobility
  • Work and social reproduction on sectoral, national and regional scales
  • Social reproduction and agrarian transformation in Africa
  • Modes of production and social reproduction
  • The state and social reproduction
  • Activism and progressive social movements, including feminist, women’s, and labour movements; alternative economic and social programmes
  • The future of work, social reproduction and production
  • Social reproduction beyond capitalism in Africa

Papers should be submitted online by 15th January 2019 here:  https://afep-iippe2019.sciencesconf.org/. (If it appears in French and you want English, select the small English flag near the upper left corner of the page.) Select “Submission” from the left column. “Step 1: Instructions” gives all the instructions that are necessary beyond the obvious ones provided during the submission process by the site. As stated, be sure to select “IIPPE Paper” when you submit, and once you do that you will see the familiar list of Working Groups that you should select from. “Step 2: Submit” takes you to the submission process itself.

IMPORTANT: Please state clearly on your abstract submission that you would like your panel/ paper to be considered as part of the Social Reproduction and Africa Working Group stream by stating EITHER AFRICA OR SOCIAL REPRODUCTION on your abstract submission.

Hannah Bargawi, Hannah Cross, Elisa Greco, Sara Stevano

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