[CfP] Conference 2017 – World Economy WG

Call for Papers 8th Annual IIPPE Conference, Berlin 13-15 September 2017

World Economy Working Group

Capital knows no geographical and political limits. Its process of worldwide expansion is materialized in the actions of large corporations and financial capital, and constitutes different spaces of accumulation, occupying the bureaucratic structures of the state and continuously recreating new forms of periphery, including within the centre itself.

But the dominant form of capitalist globalization is now in crisis. The cumulative effects of successive financial and economic crises – above all, the crash of 2007-8 and the Great Recession it precipitated – have produced a series of political upheavals that are destabilizing the global capitalist order. These interact with the interstate rivalries that are currently intensifying as a result of the relative decline of the United States and the rise of the so-called ‘emerging powers’, above all China.

In order to understand the role of centralized capital in these social, economic and political crises, it’s crucial to investigate its power within and without each nation state – both in central and peripheral countries –, the new forms of war, and the resulting global reconfiguration of capitalist and labour classes. That’s why there is a need to discuss in depth theories of imperialism, as well as to analyse the new or old forms of economic dependency that exist today.

Proposed themes

  • Global accumulation of capital
  • Regional, national and subnational accumulation processes and crises within the world market
  • Spatial geo-economic and geopolitical reorganizations
  • Transnational corporations
  • Capitalist globalization and changes in labour relations
  • New dependency theory and centre-periphery relations
  • The international impact of economic and financial crises
  • Imperialism and its new forms
  • State, Nation, and globalized capital
  • Social and political conflicts and alternatives
  • Imperialism, migration, and international solidarities

The submission deadline for abstracts is 1 April 2017. Submissions must be done via the Electronic Proposal Form.

In case you cannot access the submission forms, or have any questions concerning your paper submission, please contact the World Economy Working Group coordinators: Abelardo Marina Flores (abmf60@me.com), Lucia Pradella (lucia.pradella@kcl.ac.uk), and Rubens Sawaya (rrsawaya@gmail.com).

For further information, please visit IIPPE website http://iippe.org/

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