Brazil’s history is repeating itself: democracy at stake

On October 7th, 2018, Brazilian citizens witnessed the consolidation of the far-right as the leading political force in the country. The former military Jair Bolsonaroalmost won in the first round for the presidency. His party – the Social Liberal Party –achieved one of the largest congressional benches in the Chamber of Deputies (51 out of 513 seats) and candidates associated to Bolsonaro excelled in Senate, Gubernatorial and Legislative Assemblies elections all around Brazil.

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Annual General Meeting (Pula, 2018)

Council Meeting Minutes (September 2018)

IIPPE and the University of Leeds Training Workshop (2 May) on Systems of Provision

This workshop provides a unique opportunity to engage with the inventor of the Systems of Provision approach – world-leading political economist Professor Ben Fine - who will introduce and discuss the approach in his keynote address and will be available to answer questions throughout the day. 

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Capitalism Secures Poverty for All

The IIPPE Poverty WG stands in solidarity with the fight of working people in the Universities. We are fully aware that poverty is becoming a reality or a threat for more and more people and this is exactly the raison d'être of this Working Group. The aim of the Poverty WG is to provide a political economy analysis of the causes of poverty and in particular the relationship between austerity and poverty. The WG with its limited forces will objectively inform and help labor unions and similar organizations in their fight for the wage and salary, pension, unemployment compensation, based on objective economic and social criteria.

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IIPPE financialisation discussion series | Ewa Karwowski | 1st March

The IIPPE Financialisation Working Group (IIPPE FWG) will discuss financialisation and related issues across various approaches to political economy. Please join us at SOAS for the monthly discussion series where we will engage with various topics. Each meeting will be opened by a member of IIPPE FWG with a brief introduction in light of few suggested readings and an open discussion will follow.

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Council Meeting Minutes (September 2017)

Annual General Meeting (Berlin, 2017)

IIPPE Training Workshop SOAS London 8 November 2017

The focus of the Workshop will be on Anglo-Saxon capitalism since the financial crisis. In the morning session, (10am to 1pm), Trevor Evans will survey economic and financial developments in the United States. In the afternoon session (2pm to 5pm) Simon Mohun will consider the performance of the United Kingdom economy in historical perspective.

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Privatisation through Time and Space

Participants will discuss how privatisation, broadly conceived as the promotion of private interests in the organisation of social and physical infrastructure, has changed during the ‘neoliberal period’. Central to these developments is how forms of financialisation made possible by privatisation and changing roles of the state have encouraged new forms of private sector involvement in provisioning, with important implications for social and economic reproduction. These developments may also be seen as a form of variegated policy transfer from the OECD to non-OECD countries, aided and abetted by international institutions, as well as a result of policy experimentation through state/finance nexuses.

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