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From Economics Imperialism to Freakonomics: The Shifting Boundaries between Economics and other Social Sciences

Ben Fine, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK Dimitris Milonakis, University of Crete, Greece PDF Is or has economics ever been the imperial social science? Could or should it ever be so? These are the central concerns of this book. It involves a critical reflection on the process of how economics became the way it is, in terms of a narrow and intolerant orthodoxy, that has, nonetheless, increasingly directed its attention to appropriating the subject matter of other social sciences through the process termed "economics imperialism". In other words, the book addresses the shifting boundaries between economics and ...

Ben Fine’s editorial on the official launch of IIPPE at the HM Conference, November 2008.

by Ben Fine, SOAS First and foremost, the Historical Materialism Conference was, as in previous years, an extraordinary event in terms of the numbers attending and the range, depth and quality around the topics covered. IIPPE is more than privileged to have been offered so much opportunity at the Conference and, without HM, I suspect we would remain stillborn. Second, though, IIPPE was enabled to and did make a significant contribution to the Conference. Apart from our launch we offered the panels on socialism, the Washington institutions, and commodity studies, and we were well represented in non-IIPPE sessions on finance, agrarian change and the ...

IIPPE launchs at HM

4pm, 7th November 2008, Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS Russell Square We are delighted to launch IIPPE formally at the Historical Materialism Annual Conference, 7-9th November 2008 at SOAS, University of London. The official launch will take place at 4pm on the 7th November in the Khalili Lecture Theatre and will be followed by a joint reception with the Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize.

From Political Economy to Economics: Method, the social and the historical in the evolution of economic theory

By Dimitris Milonakis and Ben Fine. Developments within economics of incorporating the historical (and the social, institutional, etc more generally) have been welcomed as progress over excessive formalism and lack of realism. But, by situating these developments in terms of the shifting relationship between economics, the historical and an evolving economics imperialism, a fuller understanding of the role of economic theory and the historical is presented as a prerequisite for analysis that aspires fully to address economic and historical change.