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[CFP] Conference 2018 – Agrarian Change Working Group

The agrarian change working group invites you to submit proposals for individual papers, thematic panels or streams of panels. While papers, panels and streams may focus on theoretical and empirical contributions, both historical and contemporary, for any part of the world, we are especially interested in empirically-grounded interventions in contemporary struggles and debates.

[CFP] Conference 2018 – Africa Working Group

The Africa Working Group aims at promoting intellectual and practical exchange between scholars and activists of African political economy, and those in other IIPPE working groups. It regularly contributes to the IIPPE annual conference to bring together activists and scholars of Africa who share an interest in radical approaches to political economy, acknowledging the power dynamics in capitalism and often with a critical Marxist perspective.

IIPPE financialisation discussion series | Ewa Karwowski | 1st March

The IIPPE Financialisation Working Group (IIPPE FWG) will discuss financialisation and related issues across various approaches to political economy. Please join us at SOAS for the monthly discussion series where we will engage with various topics. Each meeting will be opened by a member of IIPPE FWG with a brief introduction in light of few suggested readings and an open discussion will follow.

[CFP] Conference 2018 – Political Economy of Work and Social Reproduction Working Groups

The Political Economy of Work and Social Reproduction Working Groups invite you to submit proposals for individual papers, themed panels or streams of panels related to our lines of inquiry. These may include theoretical and empirical contributions that focus primarily on the relationship between work and social reproduction. Previous IIPPE conferences have highlighted the clear overlaps and synergies in many contributions on the Political Economy of Work and on Social Reproduction. Our aim at the Pula conference is therefore to deepen and strengthen such synergies.

Council Meeting Minutes (September 2017)

Annual General Meeting (Berlin, 2017)

[CFP] Conference 2018 – Social Reproduction and Teaching Political Economy Working Groups

The Social Reproduction and Teaching Political Economy Working Groups invite proposals for individual papers or panels in a joint stream. Teaching on gender and social reproduction is central to heterodox and pluralist approaches to economics and political economy. However, the integration of perspectives on gender and social reproduction across various political economy modules is scattered and diverse. It might reflect the bounded legitimacy granted to the fields feminist economics and feminist/Marxist political economy by their broader disciplines of reference: they are recognised as self-contained sub-branches but key insights are seldom integrated in general and foundational modules in economics and political economy. In economics, gender might appear as an add-on, deprived of its conceptualisation as one type of power relations.

[CFP] Conference 2018 – Political Economy of China’s Development Working Group

The legitimacy and interest in state planning are likely to revive in many countries over the coming decades, where central state planning will regulate and direct the economic productive forces, to the contrary of the neoliberal doctrines. The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and China Development Bank may pose direct challenges to the policies and practices of the World Bank and the IMF and provide resources for an alternative development model, especially in terms of industrialisation in Africa, Asia and South America.

[CFP] Conference 2018 – Political Economy and Religions Working Group

Basically, we try to give an answer to the following questions: what are the religious roots, considered as the basis of the economic conception and of the capitalism of its logic and of its history? What are the reasons of the abandon of values and of the religious elements made by economy started from the middle of the XIX century, after the sunset of the civil-religious economy of the European enlightenment reformism? What are the proposals, the suggestions and the directions that the religions can give to the global capitalistic economy with their thoughts and politics, in a period of constant religious growth and where the structural crisis of the capitalism and the disparity among social classes, people and Nations increases?

[CFP] Conference 2018 – Political Economy of Health and Healthcare Working Group

The IIPPE Political Economy of Health and Healthcare Working Group, in collaboration with both the International Health and Political Economy of Health Research Group (ihpeh – QMUL/UK) and the Health, State and Contemporary Capitalism Research Group (University of Sao Paulo/Brazil) calls for abstract submissions in the areas of: Political Economy of Health and Contemporary Capitalism; National States and Health; Health Systems, Health Inequalities,  International Health. Our intention is to establish at least one discussion panel at the IIPPE Annual Conference around Political Economy and Health.