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[CFP] Conference 2018 – Political Economy of China’s Development Working Group

The legitimacy and interest in state planning are likely to revive in many countries over the coming decades, where central state planning will regulate and direct the economic productive forces, to the contrary of the neoliberal doctrines. The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and China Development Bank may pose direct challenges to the policies and practices of the World Bank and the IMF and provide resources for an alternative development model, especially in terms of industrialisation in Africa, Asia and South America.

[CFP] Conference 2018 – Political Economy and Religions Working Group

Basically, we try to give an answer to the following questions: what are the religious roots, considered as the basis of the economic conception and of the capitalism of its logic and of its history? What are the reasons of the abandon of values and of the religious elements made by economy started from the middle of the XIX century, after the sunset of the civil-religious economy of the European enlightenment reformism? What are the proposals, the suggestions and the directions that the religions can give to the global capitalistic economy with their thoughts and politics, in a period of constant religious growth and where the structural crisis of the capitalism and the disparity among social classes, people and Nations increases?

[CFP] Conference 2018 – Political Economy of Health and Healthcare Working Group

The IIPPE Political Economy of Health and Healthcare Working Group, in collaboration with both the International Health and Political Economy of Health Research Group (ihpeh – QMUL/UK) and the Health, State and Contemporary Capitalism Research Group (University of Sao Paulo/Brazil) calls for abstract submissions in the areas of: Political Economy of Health and Contemporary Capitalism; National States and Health; Health Systems, Health Inequalities,  International Health. Our intention is to establish at least one discussion panel at the IIPPE Annual Conference around Political Economy and Health.

Conference 2018 – Call for Documentary/Activist Films and Video Art Projects

Documentary filmmakers and video artists are invited to submit work of around 20 - 90 minutes duration, to be screened followed by a discussion. Films which do not have English as their main language must have English subtitles. Work will be screened as a digital video file, and the artist/creator of the work or a representative with significant involvement in research or production must be present for the discussion session.

[CFP] Conference 2018 – World Economy Working Group

At this year’s IIPPE Conference, we wish to continue the debates on the world economy that we started last year in Berlin. We invite scholars with theoretical, regional, local and beyond expertise on peripheral, semi-peripheral and core countries who see the connections between the forces of capitalist imperialism and the multivariate spaces and places it exploits, as well as those of labour and social movements internationally.

Proposal for a Political Economy of Health Working Group

By promoting research and debate on Political Economy of Health, this working group seeks to analyse and produce critical evidence of contemporary issues related to the social right to health and the social determinants of health. The initiative aims to gather scholars interested in the analyses of how the capitalist system affects the process of entailing health as a right to every human being, influencing progressive social health policies and actions.

[CFP] Conference 2018 – Neoliberalism Working Group

As a way to dissect and understand processes within contemporary capitalism, the subject of neoliberalism continues to preoccupy many researchers within the field of political economy. Under the Neoliberalism Working Group for the IIPPE Annual Conference of 2018, this call for papers seeks contributions which examine the multiple dimensions of neoliberal theory and practice.

[CFP] Conference 2018 – History of Economic Thought, Economic Methodology and Critique of the Mainstream Working Group

Orthodox economic theory has been critically exposed following the 2008 world economic and financial crisis. A decade later, in terms of mainstream research and teaching, how much has changed? This is one of the basic questions to be explored in this year’s IIPPE Conference. The general mainstream response to the crisis has been that there is nothing wrong with its approach in general (through formal model building) only that better models with fuller and more relevant considerations need to be brought to bear, including greater attention to interdisciplinarity (aka economics imperialism), the role of finance, and less rigid behaviouralism (utility maximisation plus). In light of such developments, a major task is to assess critically the new orthodox heterodoxies, and how much they genuinely differ from neoclassical economics as well as how much they engage with, rather than contain or even dismiss, more radical alternatives across methodology, interdisciplinarity, theory and conceptualisation. Another task is how to promote a more deep-rooted political economy in teaching and research in the wake of the crisis and the mainstream responses to it.

[CFP] Conference 2018 – Financialisation Working Group

This call invites papers and panel submissions that seek to analyse changes in the financial system and in its relation to the overall economy in the past decades, how this period differs from the past, and how recent developments inform our understanding of finance

[CFP] Conference 2018 – Poverty Working Group

The Poverty Working Group encourages contributions which shed light on critical theoretical approach of poverty and social needs. We are particularly interested in contributions that link theory to practice where there is an analysis of resistance and political mobilization around poverty highlighting strengths and weaknesses.