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Privatization Working Group

The theme of the 4th IIPPE Conference is “Political Economy, Activism and Alternative Economic Strategies”. Given the significance of the debates around privatization in the ongoing crisis and in the construction of socialist alternative strategies, the IIPPE Privatization Working Group will be organizing a stream of papers for presentation. Individual paper submissions are on and around the following areas:

  • Alternatives to privatization;
  • How neoliberalism and financialization have undermined public sector alternatives;
  • How the crisis has shaped struggles for alternatives to privatization;
  • Crisis, austerity, and privatization;
  • Contemporary case studies on why privatization has accelerated;
  • Contemporary case studies on workers’ struggles and privatization

Panel: Privatization, Water, Shelter, Crisis

Session 2 — Track 4 — Room 4.14 — 13:30-15:30

Water Privatisation from a ‘System of Provision’ Perspective

Kate Bayliss Abstract Full Paper

Welfare on Sale: Neoliberal Reforms in a Swedish Municipality

Helena Löfgren Abstract   Full Paper

Why the 2001 Crisis Accelerated Privatization in Turkey

Ahmet Zaifer Abstract Full Paper

Panel: Privatization, Crisis, Alternatives

Session 3 — Track 4 — Room 4.14 — 15:45-17:15

Privatization and Its Rising Discontents – China’s State-owned Enterprise Reform since 1990’s

Zhongjin Li Abstract   Full Paper

The Effects of Privatization on Agricultural Subsidies and Small-Scale Farming: The Case of Turkey

Nevzat Evrim Önal Abstract   Full Paper

Defending Public Finance for Alternatives to Neoliberalism

Thomas Marois Abstract Full Paper