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Political Economy of Institutions Working Group

Given the significance of the role of institutions in the current ongoing crises and in the construction of alternative economic policies, IIPPE Political Economy of Institutions Working Group calls for contributions which focus on the institutional context of the crisis, as well as on strategies for reforming the existing institutional framework. We also welcome contributions that examine the broad implication of institutions for economic development. Last, contributions covering any theme within the political economy of institutions are encouraged.

  • The institutional context of the economic crises: the role of institutions and organisations in causing as well as overcoming the crisis.
  • Policy proposals for transforming European and national institutional frameworks.
  • Economic theory of institutions (including classical political economy, Marx, American institutionalism, new institutional economics and Austrian economics).
  • Critique of mainstream theories of institutions (transaction cost economics, property rights school, etc).
  • Economic analysis of specific institutions within capitalism (including the market, the firm, property rights etc.).
  • Institutions and development (including the role of the state, NGO’s, social networks, property rights etc.).
  • Institutions and socialism (including alternative forms of property rights, competition, the market, etc.).

Panel: Political Economy of Institutions

Session 7 — Track 5 — Room 4.42 — 15:15-16:45

V. Barhatov, D. Pletnev, E. Nikolaeva, A New Approach to Defining the Institutional Structure of Society
Abstract  Full Paper

Elisabetta Basile, Institutions and capitalist development: a Marxist/Institutionalist analytical framework
Abstract  Full Paper

Jules Salomone, Randomized Controlled Trials at War
Abstract Full Paper

Panel: Critique of Mainstream Theories of Institutions

Session 8 — Track 5 — Room 4.42 — 9:00-10:30

Karin Wedig, The Contested Arena of African Labour Markets: Can NIE Explain their Effects on Development?
Abstract Full Paper

Hazel Gray, What is new in North’s Limited Access Order Theories of Development?
Abstract   Full Paper

Hajime Sato, Reconsidering various theories on the relationship between property rights and economic performance
Abstract Full Paper


Panel: The Institutional Context of the Economic Crisis

Session 9 — Track 5 — Room 4.42 — 10:45-12:45

Sergio Tzotzes, Institutional Change in the Context of the Economic Crisis: The Role of Economics Imperialism
Abstract   Full Paper

İsmail Seyrek ,The Concept of Regulation as Institutional Counter Movement in Polanyi: Some Reflections on the Current Crisis
Abstract  Full Paper

Davide Gualerzi, Crisis and the role of Government
Abstract   Full Paper


Panel: Institutions and Development

Session 10 — Track 5 — Room 4.42 — 14:15-16:15

Pritish Behuria, Rwanda Memases: Copying in Process or Failing to Copy?

Abstract   Full Paper

Anastasia Baoulina, Alternative Regulating Instruments for Environmental Policy Design and Implementation in Russia: Role of Institutional Framework
Abstract   Full Paper