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Dependency Theory

Panel: Capitalist Dependency I: topics on super-exploitation

Session 4 — Track 7 — Room Aula — 9:00-11:00

Marisa Silva Amaral and Pedro Henrique Evangelista Duarte, To a critique of using the category “superexploitation of the labor force” as a manifestation of globalization in the core countries

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Pedro Henrique Evangelista Duarte, The theoretical approach on the concept of workforce superexploitation
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Panel: Capitalist Dependency II: Heterogeneities in world capitalism

Session 5 — Track 7 — Room Aula — 11:15-12:45

Niemeyer Almeida Filho, The distinctive significance of the state in a capitalist dependent economy
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Alexis Nicolas Saludjian, André Guimarães Augusto, Flávio Ferreira de Miranda, Hugo Figueira Corrêa and Marcelo Dias Carcanholo, Marx’s theory of history and the question of colonies and non-capitalist world
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Mário Costa de Paiva Guimarães Júnior and Tiago Camarinha Lopes, Trotsky’s Law of Uneven and Combined Development in Marini’s Dialectics of Dependency
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