The Electronic Proposal Form (EPF) will open November 1 for proposals for presentations at this year’s political economy conference, Envisioning the Economy of the Future, and the Future of Political Economy.

Dear IIPPE members and friends,

As we wrote to you in previous emails and the Call for the conference, this year’s IIPPE Annual Political Economy Conference will be a joint conference with the French Association for Political Economy/ L’Association Française d’Économie Politique (AFEP), with the participation of the Association for the Development of Keynesian Studies (ADEK), the Association for Heterodox Economics (AHE) and the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE). It will be held at the traditional time of the host AFEP’s annual conference, July 3 – 5, 2019, in Lille, France.

The process for submitting a proposal to present a paper will be fundamentally as our proposal submission process has always been. Go to If you would like the form to be in English, select the small English flag near the upper left corner of the page. To submit a proposal to this Electronic Proposal Form (EPF) you need to be registered with the platform it is on (most AFEP members will be already, most IIPPE members and members of other organizations will not). If you are already registered with the ScienceConf platform, proceed to the next paragraph. Otherwise, to register, click on the small down arrow just to the right of the “Login” button in the upper right of the page, then select “Create account” and follow the simple instructions. When done it will email to the email address you gave a note for confirmation. Once you have done that you will be registered, and can proceed to the next paragraph.

Select “Submission” from the left column. “Step 1: Instructions” gives all the instructions that are necessary beyond the obvious ones provided during the submission process by the site. As stated, be sure to select “IIPPE Paper” when you submit your proposal in Step 2, and once you do that you will see the familiar list of Working Groups that you should select from.

To actually submit your proposal (now that you are registered on the site), go to “Step 2: Submission” which will open the pages for proposal for a paper.

The process for proposing a panel will also be largely as we have done it in the past. All papers involved in the proposed panel need to be submitted individually as discussed in the paragraph above. In addition, send an email indicating what papers (with their authors) you would like to be grouped into a panel (give title) in what Working Group. This year a small difference is that these email requests for panels will all go to Ourania Dimakou ( on the Conferee Committee, instead of directly the relevant Working Group coordinator. This process for panels is also indicated on the “Step 1: Instructions” page of the Electronic Proposal Form discussed above.

Ourania Dimakou will also be the point person on the IIPPE Conference Committee for the process of forming the programme as she was last year, and any questions about the program should be directed to her.

The rest of the procedure for presenting a paper at the conference is as every year, with all deadlines roughly 2 months earlier because of the earlier conference dates. Specifically,

1) The deadline for submission of proposals (when the Electronic Proposal Form for proposals to IIPPE will close) is January 29, 2019 (so there are 2 ½ months for proposals to be submitted).

2) Successful submissions will be confirmed to the proposers by February 25, 2019.

3) The deadline for registration for the Conference for accepted proposals is March 25, 2019.

4) The first preliminary programme will be sent out about in mid-May.

5) The final programme will be sent out by about early June.

The IIPPE Conference Committee